Conservative Parliamentary Candidate agrees to oppose Labour's proposed Traveller site in Birstall

At a meeting with the three Conservative Councillors (Charlotte Goodwin, Liz Smaje and Mark Thompson) representing Birstall and Birkenshaw ward on Kirklees Councils, Mark Brooks OBE, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate at the General Election for Batley and Spen discussed a range of local issues.

He agreed that he would not support the plans put forward  by Labour-run Kirklees Council to create a permanent Travellers site close to the popular Birstall Retail Park. Any available land near to the retail park should be ring fenced for further business development as part of supporting further job growth and that there was another site a few miles away.

He also agreed that as Member of Parliament he would campaign to ensure that there was an increase in bus services across Batley and Spen and that there would be a more visible police presence in the town centres across the constituency.

Mark Brooks, Conservative Candidate for Batley and Spen, said: "It is right that there are permanent sites for the Traveller's community but they must be in appropriate sites  and be spread around. This site will not support further business development and there is another site just over two miles away. As the Member of Parliament, I would oppose this particular proposal but also work with the council to find a more appropriate site elsewhere in the Kirklees area.

He added: "Ensuring the whole community in Batley and Spen is more accessible for those who do not own a car is essential.  One of my first jobs as the MP would be meet with Arriva to discuss how we can improve bus routes."